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UK NEQAS: Coordinating Point of Care Testing Event


Queen Elizabeth II Centre

Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London

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h. 08:30 Registration; Refreshments & Exhibitors
h. 09:40 Welcome address
Dr. William Egner

Session 1
Chair: Dr. William Egner
h. 09:45 Point of Care Testing: The vital link from UK NEQAS
Dr. Timothy A L Woods
h. 10:00 Coordinating Point of Care Testing: Challenging issues
Dr. Tony Cambridge

h. 10:30 Refreshments & Exhibitors

Session 2
Chair: Dr. Sanjiv Rughooputh
h. 11:00 From CPA to UKAS with ISO on the way
Dr.ssa Sarah Glover
h. 11:30 Accreditation and Point of Care Testing
Dr.ssa Delia Geary
h. 12:00 The role of MHRA in Point of Care Testing
Dr. Daryl Colombage

h. 12:30 Lunch & Exhibitors

Session 3
Chair: Prof. Brian Colvin
h. 13:45 Quality isn’t optional: UK NEQAS POCT case studies
Dr.ssa Dianne Kitchen – Dr.ssa Cathie Sturgeon – Dr.ssa Barbara De la Salle
h. 14:15 How UK NEQAS can help POCT coordinators, managers and users
Dr. Liam Whitby – Dr.ssa Dina Patel
h. 14:45 Point of Care Testing: Improving patient outcomes
Dr. Brad Dickinson
h. 15:15 DEBATE: In POCT we trust?
Dr.ssa Angela Lynam – Dr.ssa Raheela Bibi – Dr. Ian Jennings

h. 16:00 Closing remarks; Refreshments and depart